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    B206 Type Rating Training Courses

    Castle Air Academy is the UK’s largest pilot school and our B206 Type Rating training courses are the best in the industry. We have more than 30 years of experience and have produced over 300 instrument trained pilots. Based in Gloucestershire Airport, our convenient location and purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility keeps students coming back again and again to train with us. We have gained an excellent reputation for the high-calibre B206 type rating training we deliver and all courses are conducted in a relaxed, friendly environment.

    Since we specialise in advanced training for qualified pilots, including Instrument Rating, Instrument Rating Instructor, Type Ratings and Type Rating Instructor, you can rely on our team to help you reach your goals. The quality of our training capabilities, facilities and instructors is unmatched, with each instructor having had years of experience flying military and commercial aircraft in adverse weather conditions.

    What are the B206 Type Rating course requirements?

    Those starting the B206 type rating course are only required to hold a current helicopter licence and medical. Applicants for an additional twin engine type rating need a current licence with another twin engine type listed and medical. To start a course for the first issue of a twin-engine helicopter you will need to have completed either ATPL(H) ground exams or hold a course completion certificate for a specific twin engine pre entry course – the Castle Air Academy team is here to offer assistance so that clients can achieve this).

    Take your B206 type rating course at a pace that suits you and let our experienced instructors guide you through the training, building your confidence along the way. Helicopter Type Rating training will prepare you to fly your particular aircraft and often a single Type Rating will cover different variants of an aircraft.

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