FAA/ICAO IR Conversion

FAA/ICAO IR Conversion

Course Overview

The course comprises of Ground School, synthetic flight training and flight training in a multi engine IFR helicopter.

Course Content

This course comprises an extensive ground School package followed by a minimum of 10 hours synthetic flight training in one of our simulators and a minimum of 5 hours flight training in a multi engine IFR helicopter, plus a skills test.

Important note: Your FAA or ICAO IR must be current and valid to allow credit from the full 50 hr course.

Course Duration

The course is undertaken over a 4 week period, including a separate Type Rating if required.

To obtain the Instrument rating in the minimum hours and at minimal expense we advise students to take advantage of our “free simulator practice”

Convert to an Instrument rating with the Academy’s FAA/ICAO IR Conversion Course

All training is carried out at our Gloucester Airport base which is conveniently located for anyone travelling by road or air since we are close to the motorway network, Birmingham Airport and Bristol International Airports. Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility allows students to complete their training on-site, without the need to travel between airports. Since there are 4 simulators, which we encourage the use of for practice, and a selection of aircraft available, students are certain to receive a service that meets their needs. Our IR training specialists have over 30 years of industry experience, so get in touch to find out more about the courses we offer. PBN included in the course

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