helicopter cockpit

Course Overview

The course is made up of both ground school training and flight training in a multi engine helicopter.

Course Content

This course comprises an extensive ground School package followed by a minimum of 10 hours flight training in a multi engine helicopter. Synthetic flight training is available (but not required) on request for familiarisation of the aircraft and local procedures.

Course Duration

The course is undertaken over a 3-4 week period. A separate Type Rating (see Course Information) can be provided if required.

Why choose a Fixed to Rotary IR Conversion course by Castle Air Academy?

We are an Approved Training Organisation specialising in advanced training to qualified pilots and every instructor holds the highest grades of professional license. Our purpose built facility is state-of-the-art and since we acquired Bristow Academy UK in 2016, we have gone on to become the largest pilot training school in the UK. We support you during and after your training course, guiding you through the CAA application process and offering students a career path since we are also the UK’s largest helicopter charter company. To date we have helped 300 students become instrument trained pilots, so to start your own training simply call 03333 638 941 to speak to our team!

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