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    Helicopter Instrument Rating Training Course

    With our excellent helicopter instrument rating training course, you are guaranteed the highest standard of teaching in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our instructors will guide you through the process at a pace that suits you right from the start to beyond your final test. We specialise in advanced training for qualified pilots including Instrument Rating, Instrument Rating Instructor, Type Ratings and Type Rating Instructor.

    The Academy’s professional team have extensive experience flying in adverse weather conditions and challenging environments. This wealth of knowledge is passed on to all students to help them develop their skills and we will tailor everything to your exact requirements. We pride ourselves on the high calibre of training we offer and our model is used as an industry-wide benchmark.

    There are many helicopter instrument rating training courses available, including:

    • Full 50hr Single Pilot Multi Engine IR – our most comprehensive IR course.
    • FAA/ICAO IR Conversion – one of our most demanding courses.
    • Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) IR – Procedural and Non-Procedural.
    • Single to Multi-Engine IR Conversion – a shorter training course.
    • Fixed to Rotary IR Conversion

    Helicopter instrument rating training aims to help pilots become safer by teaching them how to fly in situations where there is little to no visibility outside the aircraft. Developing the skills needed to control a helicopter with only the instrument panel for reference has many benefits. Once you have completed your course, there will be opportunity to earn more as an instructor and you will stand out to future employees.

    As a pilot, you will find that you are able to fly more precisely and your knowledge of instrument emergency procedures is greatly improved. Our students learn to fly via instruments, gaining an understanding of the components and systems as well as navigation and related documentation.

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