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    Helicopter Simulator Pilot Training

    Castle Air Academy provide helicopter simulator training for clients looking to learn how to fly a helicopter. Our team of experts has been working in the aviation industry for over 35 years and we have one of the largest privately-owned fleet of aircraft in Europe. Our simulation helicopters are a complete replica of the original aircraft; we have made our helicopters function as if you are actually flying the real thing.

    Choosing to use a helicopter simulator with us is a fun way to learn; it will remove the course environment feeling and will be tailor-made to your specific requirements. You will be given the chance to create your own scenarios to help familiarise yourself with how to approach situations in the future.

    Why have helicopter simulator lessons?

    We highly advise clients who wish to learn how to fly a helicopter to use our helicopter simulators for practice, as they behave and control the same way a helicopter would function when flying them. From our experience in the past with this service we believe ICAO and Military Instrument students benefit the most from flying our simulators, as they will get the training needed to excel their course.

    Here at Castle Air Academy we have an AW109E helicopter; this is a full replica of the actual aircraft and is the only type of this simulator available in the UK. The simulator consists of full autopilot, force trimming and an EFIS display. The helicopter also has an exact replica of the cockpit and switch gear of the training aircrafts that we use when providing chartering services. We also have some other vehicle simulators such as the AS355 and the AW109.

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