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Course Overview

Castle Air Academy offer specific Type Rating training on the following helicopter types:

  • A109
  • AW109E
  • AW109S
  • AS355
  • Bell 206B3

The Academy also offers ‘differences’ training between the AW109E and AW109S helicopters, subject to the relevant Type Ratings held.


To start the B206 type rating course, it is only necessary to hold a current helicopter licence and medical.

For an additional twin engine type rating, the applicant will need to have a current licence with another twin-engine type listed and medical.

To start a course for the first issue of a twin engine helicopter, the applicant must have completed either ATPL(H) ground exams or hold a course completion certificate for a specific twin-engine pre-entry course (we can assist with how to achieve this).

Helicopter Type Rating Course Content

The course starts with a thorough theoretical briefing on the helicopter’s construction, systems and modes of operation.

This is followed by the flying course, the duration of which will depend on your previous experience and ratings already held.

Finally, there is a skill test, which will be tailored depending on specific requirements.

Course Duration

Type Rating courses are offered with two options:

  • A three-hour aircraft test plus a skills test
  • An eight-hour aircraft test plus a skills test

Castle Air Academy is an approved training organisation and our knowledgeable team has over 30 years of industry experience. As the UK’s largest pilot training school, we have the expertise and facilities to ensure we deliver a complete service that is tailored to the needs of each student. More than 300 pilots have been trained at our Gloucester airport base and we continue to guide you once the type rating course is complete.

Please contact us to obtain more information on prices, course dates and any specific pre-requisites to attending Helicopter Type Ratings Training Courses.

I felt very well prepared for all the flying training following excellent and thorough ground instruction delivered by highly experienced instructors. The quality of the simulator provided an excellent foundation for flying the aircraft. The staff were all very approachable and always readily available to answer questions. Overall the course was very well organised and provided an excellent lead in to a career in commercial aviation.
Ed Braycotton, Navy to Civilian Conversion (subsequently employed by Castle Air on commercial charters)