Instrument Rating Instructor/IRI

We offer two different courses depending on your entry point:

1) FI to IRI (H) Course

An applicant for an IRI (H) rating shall have:

  1. Completed 200 hours’ flight time under IFR, of which up to 50 hours may be instrument ground time in a flight simulator or FNPT II; and
  2. Completed as a student an approved IRI course.
  3. Met the requirements for the issue of TRI certificate.
  4. Passed the appropriate skills test.

Course Duration

5 days

2) TRI to IRI (H) Course

An applicant for the IRI(H) rating shall have:

  1. Completed 500 hours’ flight time under IFR of which at least 250 hours shall be in helicopters;
  2. Successfully completed an approved course at an FTO comprising theoretical knowledge instruction and at least 10 hours of flight instruction on a helicopter, flight simulator or FNPT II and;
  3. Passed a skill test.

Instrument Rating Instructor Course Duration

8-10 days

Why choose an IRI course by Castle Air Academy?

We are the largest pilot training school in the UK with over 30 years of experience. Our instructors all hold the highest grades of professional license and we are very proud of our reputation for delivering high calibre training, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Based at Gloucester Airport in the UK, with a purpose-built facility that includes 3 simulator rooms and 4 fully-equipped classrooms, Castle Air Academy enables students to train on-site and keep travel costs to a minimum.

Please contact us to obtain more information on prices, course dates and any specific pre-requisites to attending an Instrument Rating Instructor/IRI course.

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