Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) IR Course

Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) IR Course

Castle Air Academy offers training courses for Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) for the following: Type Ratings, IRI (H) and Instrument Ratings IR(H). This section covers the two IR (H) Courses offered – QMP Procedural and QMP Non-Procedural. Please see the Type Ratings and IRI(H) course links for those courses.

NOTE: If you do not already hold a CPL(H) you will need to download the CAA form SRG 2133. (Confirmation of Military Experience for Military Accreditation Scheme (MAS) Credits). Section 7 should be completed by a commanding officer or flight Commander. You can download the form from the CAA website.

QMP Procedural Course

If you are the holder of a military helicopter procedural rating, training will be required at the discretion of Castle Air Academy Head of Training. Typically this would require an assessment in one of our Simulators. Typically a course of 2 to 3 familiarisation flights in the simulator and 2 or 3 flights in the aircraft then the IR test will be taken.

Course Duration

Duration will vary from student to student. Costs for this course will be charged on hourly rates as requirements will vary. Call us to discuss your requirements.

QMP Non-Procedural Course

If you are a Non Procedurally rated QMP then, based on our experience, a 15 hour course is typically required to reach the standard to pass the IR(H) skills test. This course comprises an extensive Ground School package followed by a minimum of 10 hours synthetic flight training in an AW109E or AS355 simulator and a minimum of 5 hours flight training in a multi-engine helicopter. Course students are actively advised to take advantage of our “free simulator practice”. This is a must to economically pass the course in the minimum hours.

Course Duration

The course is undertaken over a 3-5 weeks period, including a separate Type Rating if required

Please contact us to obtain more information on prices, course dates and any specific pre-requisites to attending this Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) IR course. PBN included in the course

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