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Choose Castle Air Academy for helicopter simulator training instruction as the Academy boasts four simulators, which are offered to students/clients as part of all our standard courses. Uniquely our customers are encouraged to use the simulators for ‘practice’ over and above the course specification at no additional cost. EASA ICAO and Military instrument students, in particular benefit from this initiative due to their courses being concise and they find the additional practice to be of immense benefit.

The Academy has also found a growing demand for pilots to book the simulators – outside of a course environment – for tailor-made bespoke sessions to meet their individual’s needs.  Scenarios, where this may prove beneficial to pilots include the familiarisation of an airport approach or for practice for a future test.

Pilots interested in this service are to contact the Academy to discuss their requirements.  A bespoke package will be costed accordingly based on an hourly rate.

These are the simulators we use for helicopter pilot training instruction:

  • AW109E Simulator
    This simulator is a replica of the aircraft, it has full autopilot, force trim, SAS, control feedback forces, full EFIS display.  This is the only type of this AW109E simulator available in the UK.  Furthermore, it is an exact replica of the switch gear and cockpit of the training aircraft used by Castle Air Academy, which results in a seamless transition from simulator to aircraft.
  • AS350 Elite Simulators FNPTII (x2)
  • AW109 FNPT11 Simulator

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, to obtain an hourly rate and to book your helicopter simulator training instruction session(s).

After searching round many flying schools with the aim of perusing a career in the Civilian helicopter industry I was recommended this academy. Not only was the location perfect but on first impressions the staff were very helpful in providing me with all the details I needed to make my informed decision. I was an experienced military pilot but had never flown procedural before but thanks to the very professional and knowledgeable instructors I passed the IR test first time. Overall the friendly team of both management and instructors made the IR course a great and pleasurable experience and therefore I would not hesitate in endorsing this academy.

Steve Jones, Apache Military Pilot