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Single to Multi-Engine IR Conversion Course Overview

This course is for holders of an IR(H) valid for single engine helicopters wishing to extend for the first time the IR(H) to a multi-engine Helicopter.

Course Content

This course comprises of extensive ground school, which is followed by at least 5 hours dual instruction time, of which 3 hours may be in one of our simulators and 2 hours in a multi-engine helicopter.

This is then followed by an Instrument Skills Test in a multi-engine helicopter.

Students will require the relevant helicopter type rating before commencement of this instrument course.

This course is relatively short and students are encouraged to take advantage of “ free simulator practice”, as this will probably be the first multi-engine helicopter that they have flown.

Course Duration

Two weeks plus the relevant type rating

Why choose a Single to Multi-Engine IR Conversion course by Castle Air Academy?

We ensure that all pilots are trained – in a relaxed and friendly environment – to the very highest standards and our model is used as a benchmark across the industry.

Please contact us to obtain more information on prices, course dates and any specific pre-requisites to attending this Single to Multi-Engine IR Conversion course.

After searching round many flying schools with the aim of pursuing a career in the Civilian helicopter industry I was recommended this academy. Not only was the location perfect but on first impressions the staff were very helpful in providing me with all the details I needed to make my informed decision.

I was an experienced military pilot but had never flown procedural before but thanks to the very professional and knowledgeable instructors I passed the IR test first time. Overall the friendly team of both management and instructors made the IR course a great and pleasurable experience and therefore I would not hesitate in endorsing this academy.

Steve Jones, Navy to Civilian Conversion (subsequently employed by Castle Air on commercial charters)