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Type Rating Training Courses

Castle Air Academy’s Type Rating training courses are both time and cost efficient, to help you get qualified quickly and with confidence. We offer comprehensive, advanced training to all pilots booking a Type Rating course with us and you will be trained by instructors with a wealth of flight experience.

Our practical approach is innovative and by combining simulation experience with the latest technology, you will become fully proficient. Students also benefit from Castle Air being the largest helicopter charter company in the UK, which enables us to offer many successful candidates a career path. Upon completion of your training we will continue to support you and guide you through the application process and receiving your qualification.

What does a Type Rating training course involve?

There will be an initial theoretical briefing which covers helicopter construction, systems and modes of operation in detail. Following on from this introduction candidates take part in a flying course and this will take as long as your experience and existing ratings allow. The final part of the course is a tailored skill test that meets your individual requirements. There are two Type Rating course options available, either a 3 hour aircraft test and skills test, or an 8 hour aircraft test plus skills test.

Our qualified flight instructors have spent many years flying civilian and military aircraft in challenging conditions, holding the highest grades of professional licence. We operate a purpose-built facility at Gloucestershire Airport, with the very latest technology at our disposal, where more than 300 instrument trained pilots have been trained. The Academy has over 30 years of industry experience, specialising in advanced training for qualified pilots including Instrument Rating, Instrument Rating InstructorA109 Type Rating TrainingB206 Type Rating Training and Type Rating Instructor.

Contact our team to find out more about our Type Rating training courses and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements